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Solar Covers

A Solar Cover is a quick easy and cheap solution that will save you a lot especially in Cyprus with its really hot summers and mild winters. Solar covers inflate above water surface without the need to anchor it anywhere. Due to its special design it actually becomes one with your pool water. Solar cover is a perfect solution for all year round use.





Solar Covers can be used:

  • During winter season to help you winterise (put to sleep) your swimming pool,
  • During Summer for reducing water and chemicals evaporation while keeping a stable water temperature
  • During Mid- Seasons (Autumn and Spring) for extending the swimming season

Increase Water Temperature

With its unique synthesis, Solar cover absorbs and transmit sun energy increasing the water temperature for up to 8’ĒC. Your swimming pool is ready for the first Spring splashes earlier while the water temperature is maintained long enough to extend your swimming period during Autumn. If you have a heated pool, no need to use your heat pump for long hours.

Reduce Water and Chemicals Consuption

A medium size residential swimming pool evaporates 2 - 3 cm of water during the hot summer months, that’s equal to a lot of money if you calculate this on your three months water bill. By keeping your solar cover on the pool you may reduce water evaporation by 98%. And is not just water that is evaporated, chemicals are also evaporated while your disinfection agent (chlorine, bromine, oxygen) becomes weaknesses.

Protecting your Liner

Swimming pool Liner is a very expensive feature of your pool. Using a solar cover it helps you extend the lifespan of your liner since direct excessive sunlight is blocked.

Reduces Debris and Algea growth

Having your pool covered keeps away unwanted dust leafs and other debris, thus saving you from cleaning, vacuuming and pH adjustment of your pool. Additionally backwashing your filter reduces significantly.

Algae need light and with the absence of chemicals it grows fast. A solar cover reduces chemicals evaporation and blocks excessive sunlight, therefore algae growth is prevented.

Use it as a Winter Cover

With the use of specialised winterizing agent you can use a solar cove to winterise your swimming pool during the winter period. Your swimming pool can remain switched off. No money for electricity, chemicals and maintenance.



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