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Water Testing

Basic pH, Chlorine water tester (liquide)

Hardness Test Kit (22ml)

6 way Pool & Spa test strips, free chlorine, total chlorine, Alkalinity, pH, Cyanuric acid, Hardness (50 strips)

DPD test refill tablets (10 x pH & 10 x CL)

3 way test kit for pools and spa (pH, Chlorine, Bromine)

5 way Test Kit (pH, Alkalinity, Acid demand, Chlorine and Bromine)

Refill liquids for 5 way test kit (acid demand, pH, Chlorine/Bromine, Alkalinity, Hardness)

Test refills pH and CL 250ml

Water tester pH, Chlorine with tablets

3 way Pool and Spa test strips, pH, Chlorine, Total Alkalinity (50 strips)

Refill for basic test kit pH, Chlorine (20cc)

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